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The client should take an appointment to meet our professional dietitian who will make a full nutritional assessment session and a body composition analysis using the Inbody Analyzer; thus, determining the target of the diet, the calories needed to achieve this target and aligning the diet with the client’s preferences.
For those who only need the meals and are not interested in doing a full assessment, they can visit our office to choose the diet program of their choice and register/pay for it. Alternatively, you can register online via our website or via our mobile application.

Slim’n Lite helps you to lose weight, gain weight, or control a medical condition such as: diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, thyroid disorders, high uric acid levels and its related diseases (gout), stomach ulcers, pregnancy, lactation and food allergies. Individuals who just want to adopt a healthy diet, can do so through our weight maintenance program. For more details on the various programs offered, refer to 'Our Programs'

A two-week follow up is necessary to monitor changes in measurements and to discuss your concerns regarding the whole program, food preferences and progress towards target. A full examination after four weeks (at the end of the 4-week program) includes a repeat of the body composition analysis to monitor results and compare muscle mass and fat mass changes.

We target all age groups starting from childhood (above 8 years). Children below 8 years are considered if there is an existing medical condition requiring specific dietary adjustments. A doctor's recommendation is required.

A special simplified body composition analysis is done for children to let them understand their fitness level.Moreover, our dietitians provide a simplified insight into the whole program so it can have better results and a longer lasting impact on their minds
In addition, the food itself is adjusted according to their tastes and preferences, for better compliance and enjoyment of healthy eating.

Meals are delivered to the location of your choice. You can assign your delivery to two different locations (one for work and one at home) at no extra charge, provided you inform us of the exact addresses at the beginning of the program. After that, all address changes need to be done 48 working hours (2 working days) in advance. Our Deliveries cover all of Abu Dhabi (on and off the Island), Dubai and Al Ain.

Food ordered, depending on the package you subscribe to, will be delivered at one time daily. Deliveries start 2 working days after registration and payment for a particular package or at a date after that, if specified by the client him/herself. Delivery timings depend on your location and cannot be specified. If the timing of delivery is not suitable for you, our customer care representatives will try to arrange delivery to an alternative location that maybe more convenient for you.
Food is dispatched fresh and cold in a cooler bag that is marked by your name, client number and barcode. Food is transported to you in Chiller Vans, taking extreme care that all food is kept at a temperature below 4 degrees celcius to ensure the freshness and safety of food.

It is always preferable to remove the food from the bag or box and place all items in the fridge immediately. If you are away from home, the food will remain safe in your cooler bag at room temperature (not in the external heat) for up to a maximum of 2 hours, after which you need to put the meals in the fridge. If you received your meals in a carton box, food should be transferred immediately to the refrigerator.

On the same delivery day, items labeled with Dinner should be consumed and Breakfast, Lunch meals and all snacks should be kept for the next day.  Through this system, you can ensure that your meals can be adjusted to fit your busy schedule and avoid waiting for any meal and disrupting your program. 

The food you receive is cooked fresh daily. Food is cooled down in Blast Chillers, which reduce the food temperature from above 65 degrees to below 4 degrees in less than 5 minutes. This ensures that the food remains fresh and that the nutrients are preserved.

Food should be removed from the fridge and heated either in the Microwave, in a pan on the cooker, in the oven or in a sandwich grill. Lunch and soups containers are microwavable while other containers have to be emptied in another microwaveable container for reheating. 
Recommended heating time in the Microwave: 

  • Soups (1.5 minutes)
  • Lunch (2 minutes)
  • Sandwiches (20-30 seconds)
  • Fatayer, Pizzas etc. (20-40 seconds)

We recommend that sandwiches be heated in a sandwich grill for a crispier taste. As for the main lunch meals, especially those containing chicken or fish; we recommend heating in a pan on the cooker for a tastier outcome.

A 2 to 4 hours gap has to be kept between every main meal and another or a snack. This helps in boosting your metabolism and facilitating your weight loss. Make sure you do not stay for more than 6 hours without eating to avoid making your body go into starvation mode and considerably decreasing your burning capacity. Also, drink lots of water between your meals to avoid feeling hungry, for better health and quicker results.

We serve a wide variety of foods from different cuisines: Arabic, Mexican, Italian, French, Indian, etc. to satisfy the varying tastes of our clients.

We have a weekly set menu, which changes on a weekly basis. It features 2 choices for each meal and you are free to choose from it according to your preference. However, the dietitian can interfere or change your meal choice in case you have a medical condition that requires strict control of certain food items.

If both options on the menu for a certain meal are not to your liking, we have an Alternatives list that includes all meals that can be chosen on a daily basis. The items on the Alternatives list are ones that are considered our clients’ favorites.

Our menu offers a daily vegetarian lunch option, provided to you free of any extra charge. If you are strictly vegetarian, your menu can be adjusted accordingly giving you a wide variety of nutrients whilst accommodating your tastes and preferences.

You can lose 3 to 5 kg per month taking into consideration your full commitment to the diet program. However, this range can be more or less depending on your age, gender, body metabolism, and medical or health condition.
People also committing to an exercise plan, tend to lose more weight and get better and longer lasting results.

Of course you can lose weight with or without exercising since you are following a low calorie diet. Nevertheless, physical activity is a necessity in order to maintain or increase your muscle mass which in turn will boost your metabolism, thus burn more fat and result in a greater weight loss.

Our food is cooked using fresh items and prepared with minimal amounts of fat. As such it is a healthy diet model. People have unique burning capacities (Basal Metabolic Rate - BMR). When the body composition analysis test is done at our office, it identifies your unique BMR, which enables your dietitian to specify the total amount of calories you are required to eat to reach your target.
As all the food is cooked in a healthy manner, we adjust our portions accordingly to reach the necessary daily caloric intake you require. As such, each person receives meals portioned according to his/her unique requirement.

We continuously recommend and cater balanced diets, featuring food distribution based on the recommendations of all Dietetic Associations around the world (namely the American Dietetic Association, Dietitians of Canada, and British Dietetic Association). This food distribution includes 50-55% Carbohydrates, 20% Protein and less than 30% from fats (with more than 90% of fats coming from unsaturated sources and avoiding all sources of Trans fats). Also, Slim’n Lite follows the concept of My Plate (formerly known at ‘The Food Guide Pyramid’). For more details on this type of diet go to choosemyplate.gov

Years of research have shown that after comparing various types of diet (e.g. Balanced diet, Zone diet, South beach diet and Atkins diet), that at the 12 months mark, people who did the balance diet had a net weight loss higher than all other diets. 
With fad diets and protein diets, you do tend to lose weight more quickly, but on the other hand you gain them back even more quickly. Also the weight loss with these diets is more from muscle and water, while the balanced diet helps you shed more fat weight which in turn helps you maintain your weight for longer and gives you a nicer figure (shape-wise).
Moreover, the balanced diet educates you for a lifetime of healthy eating as it models a long term plan you can follow, unlike other diets that are temporary.

This phenomenon 'The Plateau' is common among dieters and this usually happens after you’ve been dieting for a long time. In such a case, your dietitian will try various methods to get you back on track. Such methods include adjusting the caloric content, the type of diet and your exercise plan. Our team will work hard to make sure you remain committed and achieve your target in every possible way.

We offer a wide variety of packages ranging from full meal packages to lunch boxes and even diet plans. Please refer to attached brochure or to 'Our Packages' for further details.

The subscription differs according to your choice of package. For details, please call our information desk at the branch nearest to you.

The subscription differs based on the package preferred. For details on the cost of each package, please contact our information desk at the branch nearest to you or email us on info@slimandlite.ae

Our offices are open Saturday to Wednesday from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

You are free to adjust your plan as you wish according to your schedule. To stop or restart your boxes please contact us by phone or email at least 48 hours (2 working days) in advance taking into consideration our working hours

All payments should be done in advance of your food deliveries. Refunds are not allowed except in medical emergencies supplemented with a doctor’s note. However, if you don’t want to continue the program you can transfer your remaining boxes to an existing SNL client or another person you know. Please review the 'Refund Policy' for further details and to see if any charges apply.

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