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At Our Center

Dubai Office

When you first arrive to our center, you will be greeted by our customer care team, who will welcome you and explain to you the various packages offered at our center. If you would like to only receive healthy food catering and are not interested in controlling your weight, you can simply sign up for the package of your choice (at our center or online) and start enjoying our meals after 48 working hours. If you would like to take control of your weight or a certain medical condition, you will be guided to a dietitian who will perform for you a thorough nutritional assessment & body fat analysis using the newest In-body 370. Based on the results, she will design a diet that suits your tastes & helps you achieve your nutritional goals while following up on your progress every two weeks to make any required changes on your meal plan.



You can book your appointment online, make your food orders and pay for them via your credit card, and if you’re an existing client, you will be able to do all of the above in addition to follow up on your weight status, your package and delivery status; choose your menu; stop, restart and renew your boxes all at the click of button

Mobile Application

Mobile App.

Coming Soon! Download our mobile application and you can manage your packages, follow-up on your weight, choose your menu, make a food diary and exercise plan, receive special offers and reminders, book an appointment and much more.

At Our Kitchen


Our food is prepared fresh daily in the very early morning hours. Food temperature is brought down to a safe level using the blast chilling methodology, which aids in the retention of nutrient value and at the same time ensures the safety of food. Then food is portioned according to the dietitian’s request, who makes sure the portion is specific to your pre-set target and medical history. Then your package is filled up with your pre-portioned pre-ordered items and is sent immediately through chiller vans to the delivery point of your choice.

At your Home/Work-place

At Home Photo

Once you start receiving the meals, you will need to make sure you place all food items in the refrigerator as soon as possible. Make sure you consume your meals with a 2-4 hour spacing plan, to boost your metabolism and cut down on your cravings. Do not stay for more than 6 hours during the day without food, to avoid binge eating and slowing down your metabolism. Make sure you leave 2-3 hours time between your last meal and sleep time.


Slim’n Lite offers a highly varied menu, bringing in flavors from all around the world. The menu is based on the “Balanced Diet” principles, which allow you to eat all varieties of food to ensure that you get all the nutrients that your body needs, yet we focus on portion & calorie control to achieve the expected results. Research has shown that upon comparing various types of diets, at the one year mark, the best results were seen in those people following a “Balanced Diet”.

The meals are cooked fresh daily and packed with extra care according to the international recommendations for food quality and safety. They are similar to home cooked meals, yet they are lower in fat, more varied in nutrient content and save you the hassle of actually preparing them yourself.

On the menu, you have the option of choosing between two choices for each meal. If both choices are not to your liking, you can choose an alternative meal from our a la carte menu, which features a wide range of options that are the favorites of most of our clients. Vegetarian options are also available daily on our menu.

If you’re interested in signing up for a program, you can :

  • Call our customer care representative at the branch nearest to you for more details on our programs and packages and book an appointment.
  • Visit the Slim’n Lite branch nearest to you. Register and pay for the package of your choice. If you are interested in the ‘Full Package’ or in a Dietetic Consultation, you will need to take an appointment in advance
  • Register and pay online. For the packages that do not require a dietetic consultation, you do not need to visit our offices. If you are interested in the ‘Full Package’ or in doing a Dietetic Consultation, you will need to take an appointment in advance either by phone or online.

Payment Policy

In order to serve you better, kindly note that all payments are done in advance of starting the program, with no exceptions.

Refund Policy

Kindly note that Slim’n Lite - Health & Diet Food Center holds a strict NO REFUND policy for all its bought packages.

Alternatives to a refund include:

  • Stopping the package for a while and resuming at a later time (No charges apply).
  • Transferring balance of boxes to another ACTIVE client (No charges apply)
  • Transferring balance of boxes to another INACTIVE client (No charges apply if no consultation required; if a consultation is required, a fee of 250 AED applies)
  • Transferring balance of boxes to a person without a file at SNL (A fee of 350 AED applies)

Exceptions who receive a refund are those with a documented Medical Condition (Charges of 250 AED for consultation & 100 AED for registration apply and boxes consumed are charged at the original- not discounted price).


Your food is delivered to your location of choice in chiller vans. Delivery time CANNOT be preset and depends on your delivery location, the driver’s route and traffic conditions. We currently deliver to the following locations:

  • Abu Dhabi

    All of the Island and off the Island

  • Al Ain

    All of the Al Ain area with the exception of Al Hier, Sweihan, Al Wagan

  • Dubai & Sharjah

    All areas (delivery locations to be confirmed with our Dubai office before subscription)

Cooler bags

As an environmental initiative, we will deliver your meals in re-usable cooler bags. These bags will keep your food cool and safe for two hours (in an air-conditioned area). After this time frame, you will have to place all food items in the refrigerator. When you sign up for a food delivery program, you will be allocated 2 or 3 bags, depending on your location, which will be used solely for your deliveries. You will need to make a deposit of 150 AED for the bags. This amount is fully refundable if the bags are returned to us in good condition at the end of the program. Everyday you receive a delivery, you will need to give the driver delivering your box, the empty cooler bag from the previous day, so we can clean and sanitize it and prepare it for your next day’s delivery. If you fail to give back the cooler bags, we will be obliged to send your meals in carton boxes, and in turn retain your deposit.

Cooler Bag Policy

  • 150 AED Deposit taken at start of program; refundable at the end of the program.
  • Deposit is non-refundable if:
    • Client doesn’t return the bags daily to the driver and we use carton boxes (once or more) for meal deliveries.
    • Client returns the bags in bad condition.

Carton Boxes

If you decide not to opt for the cooler bags, your meals can be delivered to you daily in disposable carton boxes. A non-refundable fee of 150 AED applies. To help save the environment, we recommend you dispose of the carton boxes in paper recycling bins. For the empty plastic containers, please aim to dispose of them in plastic recycling bins. Upon receipt of your meals, you will need to place all food items in the refrigerator immediately to preserve their quality and safety.

Slim’n Lite offers a very flexible plan, whereby you can adjust your deliveries based on your location and vacation schedule. You can also make adjustments to your preferences, make your menu choices and make any required adjustments or requests.

Possible adjustments include

  • Stopping of meals (All meals that are paused are added at the end of your program. Your meals are valid for 3x the duration of your bought pacakge, from date of purchase of the package)
  • Restarting meals
  • Renewing program
  • Change of delivery address or city
  • Menu Choices (new or alterations)

These adjustments are strictly bound by a 48 working hour policy (2 working days).

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