High Fat Meals' Impact on Metabolism

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A new study by the German Diabetes Center & the Helmholtz Center in Munich have found that even the one-off consumption of a greater amount of palm oil reduces the body's sensitivity to insulin and causes increased fat deposits as well as changes in the energy metabolism of the liver. The results of the study provide information on the earliest changes in the metabolism of the liver that in the long term lead to fatty liver disease in overweight persons as well as in those with type 2 diabetes. In summary, overweight, obese people and people with type 2 diabetes are often associated with the consumption of saturated fats. 

Although ideally one fatty meal will not cause a major decrease in metabolism in an otherwise healthy person, yet the impact seen on the body post consuption of a high saturated fat meal, does show that long term consumption of such meals could be detrimental to health of an individual.