Planning Out A Healthy Breakfast

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 We sleep throughout the night for a period of 8 hours at least. This being one third of the day, is certainly a long period of time to remain without consuming any food. It could even be said that we fast throughout the night. This is why it is important that we refuel our body with nutritious and balanced food as soon as we wake up.


It is essential that our meals are packed with nutrients in which start our day and keep us energized and fresh throughout the day until we consume our next meal. If we don’t have a complete and balanced breakfast we tend to eat unhealthy snacks prior to lunch or worse, over eat at lunch. This will in turn make us sleepy and struggle to continue working after lunch. To ensure that this cycle doesn’t take over, it is advisable to pack your breakfast in the following way;


You could opt for a peanut butter sandwich, if you are in the mood for a delicious and rich breakfast. You should ensure that you use natural peanut butter as processed peanut butter is packed with unnecessary sugar and calories. Natural peanut butter will contain only peanut and salt. You could pair this up with whole wheat bread, and this will be a complete meal with good levels of protein, carbs and mono-unsaturated fats.


A balanced meal like this will help you kick start the day, boosted with energy and revitalized from within.  It will also help curb spikes in blood sugar and will delay your body from feeling hunger, due to the fibers in bread which slows the gastric emptying.  Food with fiber is perfect for improving overall digestion and for keeping up with a balanced routine.


The choice of including vegetables in your breakfast being a nontraditional idea is actually rather beneficial for you. Vegetables are ideal for those of you looking to improve your digestion. You could include cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers in your meal, by adding them to your sandwich or omelets.


Scrambled or boiled eggs coupled with avocado and whole wheat bread is also a great combination for a balanced and healthy breakfast. You could also include a little oil to make your dish tastier. This meal is rich in protein and healthy fat. It is ideal for you if you’re looking for an extra boost of energy in the morning and this diet will also sustain your energy level so that you won’t feel tired easily. This meal will also keep you full longer and will reduce unnecessary cravings in between the three main meals.


You could also enjoy oats with cinnamon, nuts and low-fat milk. This is a fulfilling breakfast that is rich in soluble fibers, and will not make you unnecessarily hungry or gain excessive weight. It includes beta glucan fibers which helps delay gastric emptying, which in turn reduces hunger and overall food intake. It also controls blood sugar and insulin response.


On a conclusive note, the importance of breakfast should not be undermined. Despite being constantly busy in the morning, taking a few minutes off to prepare breakfast and eat healthy will help you maintain a balanced diet and promote weight loss too.  You need to further make sure that you always have balanced meals. A balanced meal will include all the food groups in the necessary quantities. These food groups include carbohydrates, fats and proteins.  If you eat a proper breakfast, it will your increase energy and delay gastric emptying, preventing you from getting hungry constantly or within short intervals.