Your Breakfast Guide To Help You Survive The Day

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


This statement is certainly one which each one of us is completely familiar with. Not only is this statement one which we should live by, but it is important that we eat our breakfast the right way!


In deciding what to consume for breakfast, most of the time we have a wide array of choices but we tend to go for the options that we can prepare quickly as we are generally running late for work. This however can lead to complications if you continue to have the wrong diet for breakfast on a daily basis and could also promote unnecessary weight gain! When we don’t eat a healthy breakfast and eat less or skip out on it, we tend to overeat at lunch. This too promoted weight gain and can muddle up your entire digestive system.

Thus, it is important to avoid sweet food items for breakfast. These foods include doughnuts, pancakes, cookies or any other food that includes excessive amounts of unnatural sugar.

Eating sugar as your first meal will only increase your appetite and make you hungrier due to the increase in insulin secretion in your body. This will make you want to consume another snack before lunch or even trigger cravings that you should avoid.


You need to further make sure that you always have balanced meals. A balanced meal will include all the food groups in the necessary quantities. These food groups include carbs, fiber, fat and protein.


You could enjoy oats with cinnamon, nuts and low-fat milk. This is a fulfilling breakfast that is rich in soluble fibers, and will not make you unnecessarily hungry or gain excessive weight. It includes beta glucan fibers which helps delay your stomach from becoming empty, which in turn reduces hunger and food intake. It controls blood sugar and insulin response.


Scrambled or boiled eggs coupled with avocado and whole wheat bread is also a great combination for a balanced and healthy breakfast. You could also include a little oil to make your dish tastier. This meal is rich in protein and healthy fat. It is ideal for you if you’re looking for an extra boost of energy in the morning and this diet will also sustain your energy level so that you won’t feel tired easily. This meal will also keep you full longer and will reduce unnecessary cravings in between the three main meals.


 You should always spend a little extra time and ensure that you prepare yourself a good breakfast as your body has not had any food intake for several hours throughout the night. Eating a healthy breakfast will go a long way in helping you maintain a regular diet, and in turn a healthy digestive system.