Snack Healthy With Sesame Bars

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Snacking is something which is normally done to avoid overeating. It not only helps in controlling your hunger but also regulates your blood-sugar level. However, you have to pick a healthy snack that is not packaged and does not have any sugar content in it. One way to avoid this is by preparing your own snack. You can make a healthy, delicious, and a fulfilling snack prepared by just following a few easy steps. 

The only two ingredients that you would require are sesame and white chocolate. Follow our Instagram page (insert link) to watch our latest recipes. Each serving will be about 18 grams and will have around 71 calories. There is 17% copper, 11% omega-3 fatty acids, and 7% manganese. One of the advantages of consuming this delicious snack is that you will gain almost 7g of healthy unsaturated fats.

Sesame seeds have many health benefits due to the high content of copper. Copper is a major component that helps in strengthening bones, joints, and blood vessels. Hence, sesame seeds can be a great weapon that can prevent arthritis and reduce inflammation.

Moreover, these seeds can help in preventing diabetes as they contain magnesium and other nutrients. Doctors suggest that the consumption of sesame seeds can have a great impact on people who are highly diabetic. Research indicates that sesame seeds can improve plasma glucose in case of diabetes.

Additionally, sesame seeds play an important role in lowering cholesterol levels as it contains phytosterols (phytosterols are plant-based compound that can compete with dietary cholesterol to be absorbed by the intestines, resulting in lower blood cholesterol levels). Studies show that sesame seeds have the highest number of phytosterols among all seeds and nuts, also making it an anti-cancer component.

Other vital benefits of sesame seeds include:

  • Glowing skin
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Fight oxidative stress
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Improve your digestive functions

Overall, sesame is a rich nutrient that has multiple benefits and should be added to your regular diet. If you are looking for healthy, tasty, and nutritious food, get in touch with Slim n Lite as our expert dietitians will provide the best diet meal deliveries in the UAE