How To Maintain Your Weight For The Upcoming Holidays

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Many of us worry about gaining weight during the holiday season. Despite the level of difficulty, below are a few tips that can help you at least maintain your weight and make it through the holidays without those extra kilos.

First of all, try to stay active during your day whether through a family activity or an extra lap in the mall while shopping.

Remember that it is always better to eat your calories then drinking it. Having a small cube of dark chocolate to settle your craving will help you consume less calories than drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

Sharing is caring! Aim to share your entrée as well as the dessert in this way you can split the calories and avoid overeating.

If you are cooking at home always amend your recipes. You can bake or steam instead of frying your food. Flavor your dishes with herbs and spices instead of oil and butter and replace your full fat dairies with low fat.

Aim to weigh yourself regularly, once or twice per week, in this case you can monitor yourself and take action before any significant weight gain happens.

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