Veggies don’t bite

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Vegetables are essential to include in your kids meals since they provide them with a variety of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers, antioxidants and water.

A balanced diet rich in vegetables can strengthen your child’s immune system, prevent weight gain, and protect them against many diseases such as heart disease, cancers etc.

As part of your healthy meal, you can include not only vegetables but snacks as well as they are low in calories but dense in nutrients at the same time.

Since many kids don’t like eating vegetables, the secret is to never give up. At Slim’n Lite we always try to add vegetables to the kid’s healthy meal plans in different ways and shapes. First of all, we teach them about the positive impact of vegetables on their health so they can feel involved and encouraged to eat it. We also add some kids friendly dipping to our healthy food packages (like beetroot hummus, red pepper hummus with celery sticks).

It can be challenging as a parent to structure a healthy food plan for kids but you don’t have to worry because Slim’n Lite has got your back. Visit our Slim’n Lite branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Al Ain to get a balanced meal plan for your children