How To Boost Your Metabolism ?

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Your metabolism is a chemical process throughout which the body will convert and burn energy from food.

It is an ongoing process that is necessary to keep you alive and your organs functioning normally such as, digesting food, breathing, thinking and maintaining your blood circulation.

Many elements influence your metabolism, factors such as age, height, gender and genetic predisposition are predetermined while physical activity and body composition are directly affected by your lifestyle.

To further elaborate on the impact of predetermined elements of your metabolism, age plays an important role. As you grow older you will experience muscle loss which will cause your metabolism to slow down. As for your gender research has proven that males tend to have a higher baseline metabolism than females.

The good news is that you are able to boost your metabolism through healthy and balanced meal plans. Body composition is crucial by maintaining lower fat percentage and having a higher amount of lean body mass, through physical activity you will boost muscle growth and through it your metabolism. Besides a healthy lifestyle, some foods will increase your metabolism such as hot spices (chili and horseradish) this is known as the thermic effect of food.

Contrary to popular beliefs crash diets negatively impact your long term weight target by lowering your muscle mass and leading to nutritional deficiencies which lower your metabolism. That’s why having a healthy meal plan and solid weight loss plan are the key. At Slim’n Lite we offer healthy food packages that address your short and long term goals. Our dietitians in all our branches Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Al Ain are just a phone call away 800-GETSLIM and let’s start this journey together.