Myths vs Truth Of Veganism

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Veganism is becoming more popular throughout the years. In the United States of America the number of vegans grew by approximately 600% since 2014. Does that mean we all have the right information when it comes to vegan food or plans?

Not necessarily, since a lot of myths and misconception exist when it comes to veganism. Below are some statements highlighting Myths vs Facts

-          Statement 1: I can’t build or increase my muscle mass since I am vegan (Myth)

You can still ensure an adequate amount of plant based proteins to help you build muscles along with an appropriate workout. Beans, lentils, tofu, tempeh and many other plant based proteins can help you obtain an adequate amount of proteins.

-          Statement 2: Vegans don’t get sick less due to an enhanced immune system. (Myth)


Until now few studies compared the immune function between vegans and non-vegans but no significant difference was documented. Vegans do consume a higher amount of vegetables and fruits which means a higher consumption of antioxidants but if a vegan diet is not done properly and monitored by a healthcare professional the diet

 May be deficient in other important compounds such as vitamin B12, omega 3, iron and zinc.


-          Statement 3: I will definitely be underweight if I am vegan. (Myth)

Being Vegan means eating plant based products high in fibers which increases your satiety faster. Nevertheless if your daily intake is matching with your daily caloric needs you will can maintain a healthy body weight.

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