Guilt Free Snacks

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How many times did you stop yourself from running into the kitchen and grabbing the first thing you see to eat it? Are you bored at home during this quarantine? Are you stressed or have lots of pressure? Happy or sad?

All of these might lead to eating and adding extra calories to your day. Whether you’re hungry or not, tired or just hanging around in your house, here are some few guilt -free food you can prepare to devour when you feel like snacking

1- oven- baked bread sticks/ Veggie sticks with avocado dip

2- Celery, or colored peppers with peanut butter dip

3) Vegetable sticks with Hummus

4) - Fresh fruit salad

5- A handful mixed nuts

6) Homemade Fruit pops

7)  3 cups of popcorn

9) Bowl of yogurt with berries

10) Edamame

11) - Steamed veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts with squeezed lemon and herbs



And if you think those are not enough, we at Slim’n Lite can provide you with a well-balanced healthy meal plan that will suit your preferences & nutrient needs .You can visit us in any of our branches Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain or call us at 800-GETSLIM and one of our licensed dietitians can help you satisfy your cravings!