Overcoming COVID-19 with Health, Awareness & Prevention

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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic facing our community and the world, we are aware that you maybe feeling anxious about the impact of the virus on your life & the life of your loved ones. We want to assure you that your health & wellbeing are and will always be our utmost priority. Accordingly, we would like to take a moment of your time to clarify the steps we’ve taken across our operations to safeguard your wellbeing and that of our employees

At our Food Production Facility:


-        Staff has undergone professional trainings on COVID-19, its implications and how to maintain personal hygiene at home and at work to protect oneself and consequently the health of people we serve.

-        Since Slim’n Lite is ISO 22000, OSHAD 18001 and HACCP certified, our team is extensively trained in Food & Occupational Health & safety procedures. These procedures are strictly monitored via our Integrated Management Systems forms & I-Assure program

-        Daily tool-box talks are held with our teams to reinforce hand-washing techniques and frequency, wearing proper protective equipment (PPE: masks, hairnets, gloves, arm covers etc.); in addition to standard food safety procedures

-        Staff’s temperature is measured and recorded before leaving accommodation and before entering the production facility. Anyone showing a temperature higher that 37.3 degrees Celsius will be sent to a designated medical clinic for assessment and will be banned from entering our kitchen until cleared by the medical team.

-        Facility is professionally sanitized on a daily basis; by our sister company AMAN Integrated Solutions.

-        Our QHSE officers routinely make rounds in the facility to check for full compliance of staff with food safety & hand-washing procedures; in addition to continuous monitoring via our CCTV control room that picks up any potential non-compliance.

-        Meal Bags are thoroughly sanitized on a daily basis using approved & effective sanitizing agents


At our offices:


-          Offices are cleaned and sanitized daily

-          Staff’s and visitors’ temperatures are taken on arrival. Individuals found to have a temperature of 37.3 Degrees Celsius and higher cannot enter the office.  Staff will be sent for medical evaluation and visitors will be advised to do a phone consultation with their dietitian instead.

-          Frequent proper hand-washing and sanitizing procedures are also enforced in our offices

-          Body Composition Analysis machines and scales are strictly sanitized before and after each client


Our Delivery Partner:


Our delivery partner, TRANSCORP, has taken full measures to also ensure their chiller vans are sanitized on a daily basis, staff’s temperature is closely monitored, and PPE is worn properly. This is also strictly monitored on our end for compliance.


We all have a collective responsibility to protect ourselves, our families, our colleagues, our friends and our clients, by:


-          Being meticulous in our approach to hygiene and hand-washing

-          Staying home when showing any signs of fever and/or sickness, even if COVID-19 is not confirmed. Slim’n Lite would be happy to offer you free phone consultations and continuous support.

-          Informing us if you have just returned from a high risk country, have been in contact with a COVID-19 confirmed patient, have fever or any signs of potential sickness: we would accordingly swap your cooler bags with disposable paper boxes and instruct the driver to leave your food at the door.


Personal Lifestyle Protective Measures:


To ensure you are well nourished and to boost your immunity as a preventive and protective measure, our DHA/HAAD licensed dietitians recommend the following:


-          Eat a diet high in fruits, vegetables & whole grains

-          Take a multivitamin if you suspect you are not getting enough nutrients daily

-          Take probiotic pills daily or get your probiotic boost from eating low fat yogurt (preferably from high probiotic-containing yogurts, such as Kefir)

-          Maintain a healthy weight

-          Exercise Regularly

-          Don’t Smoke

-          Control your stress levels

-          Control your blood pressure

-          Avoid alcoholic drinks

-          Get enough sleep

-          Wash your hands with soap & water regularly, or use alcohol-based sanitizer

-          Avoid group gatherings and large crowds


Slim’n Lite will closely monitor the fast moving COVID-19 situation and will continue to coordinate with local health authorities, with Centers for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization. We again would like to emphasize that your health and the health of our own team is a priority and we will continue to ensure that every measure is taken to safeguard it.


For any information on our customized packages and healthy meal plans, call us at 800-GETSLIM or visit our branches In Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Al Ain. Whether you need a meal for weight loss, weight gain or just a healthy food package to keep your weight under control, Slim’n Lite has got your back.