Food For Fuel

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It’s Wednesday afternoon and you’re running on empty. This feeling of exhaustion and fatigue is due to your body being low on energy. You can avoid this feeling by choosing a balanced diet to fuel your body. Food is the fuel your body needs to maintain its energy and day to day function. Just like a well-run engine the better quality of fuel we provide our body, the better the performance. Here are some tips to make sure your body gets the super fuel it needs;

  1. Start your engine with a proper well-balanced breakfast that combines proteins and whole grains which provides you with a strong start to your day by boosting your energy and metabolism.
  2. We all need to top up our energy between meals. Instead of reaching for the candy bar, satisfy your sweet tooth with fresh fruit and fight your hunger with some raw nuts, low fat yogurt or some veggies.
  3. Our bodies are up to 60% water. Fight off your fatigue and sleepiness by keeping your body constantly hydrated with water.
  4. Give your mood a boost and reward yourself every now and then with a piece of dark chocolate.

Here at Slim’n Lite we can fine tune your engine and make sure your body gets the fuel it deserves through healthy meal plans and packages at our pit stops across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. For more information, call 800-GETSLIM today and one of our licensed dietitians will help you on your health journey.