Slim'n Lite's Elite Corporate ProgramMost people spend long hours at work which could lead to high levels of stress, low activity levels, and poor eating habits. Slim’n Lite provides deals on the corporate level to help alleviate the effects of unhealthy practices on the productivity of employees and their life in general. If you are interested in a corporate plan or business lunches for your employees, contact us and we will tailor-make a plan for your team.

Corporate Catering: Slim’n Lite offers corporate catering schemes for small meetings or big corporate events. Keep up with the trends to improve the life of your employees, while providing tasty yet healthy alternatives, from our wide range of menu items. Contact us and we will provide you with a menu designed for your preferences and event scope.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Slim’n Lite, in alignment with National Catering Company, believes that it is our responsibility to improve the way of life for our staff, clients and community. Over the years, we have been providing support for various community functions:

 - Breakfast caterings for Blood donations

 - Meal caterings for workplace functions

 - Exhibitions and company events educational platforms

 - Nutrition and health presentations for community groups

 - Meal Caterings and educational platforms for school functions

If you are interested in healthy food catering for a special cause or would like educational sessions for community settings, please contact us.

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