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Our Story


Slim'n Lite was born in 2007 with the vision of aiding the UAE residents in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by providing highly informative consultation sessions, catering high quality, tasty and healthy meals at an affordable price while providing continuous support to all our clients. Thus, paving the way for a healthier, happier and more informed generation.

Slim’n Lite is a proud member of National Holding L.L.C., which features a wide range of services including but not limited to catering, facilities management, business solutions, engineering, retail (supermarkets) etc.

Meet the Team

Our team of licensed dietitians will conduct a detailed nutrition assessment to understand your health and fitness goals and customize a meal plan that best fits your lifestyle. You are NEVER alone, our team of experts will help you overcome your challenges and more importantly, make your health journey fun.

We help you eat better, not less

Fire Hunger, Hire Slim’n Lite

Why Choose Slim’n Lite


Leave Your Shopping, Cooking and Calorie Counting to Us!

  • Abu Dhabi & Dubai Health Authority Licensed Rehabilitation Centers
  • ISO Certified
  • HACCP Certified
  • Weqaya approved menus
  • A highly qualified team of experts and licensed dietitians  
  • Regular monitoring and evaluation of your program to GUARANTEE your desired goals are achieved

Our menu

It’s Easy to Eat Healthy When You Have Delicious Meals Delivered

 Slim’n Lite offers a highly varied menu, bringing in flavors from all around the world. The menu is based on the “Balanced Diet” principles, which will allow you to eat a variety of nutritious food while controlling the portions & calories to achieve your desired results.

All our meals are cooked fresh daily and packed with extra care according to the international recommendations for food quality and safety. Slim’n Lite meals are authentic, low in fat, rich in nutrients, and saves the hassle of shopping and preparing your meals.

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